International freight forwarding services
International freight forwarding services
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As a rule, modern mixed types of carriage made in several stages cannot be performed without transshipment of cargo in ports or at specialized terminals. Due to many years of experience in carrying out such operations our company is able to provide comprehensive services for reloading any type of cargo to / from the container in the shortest possible term and at the most favorable tariffs (both for railway and car delivery to / from the terminal).

The process of transshipment of cargo requires special compliance with the rules for the use of warehouses, loading and unloading of ships or wagons / containers. That is the reason why we individually discuss all issues regarding each order which includes a transshipment point, carriers and subcontractors with whom we will cooperate during the contract.

Transshipment of cargo involves full forwarding within the port / terminal: this includes control over the confirming paper work, and the solution of all issues of loading and unloading goods. We make sure that the port / terminal fulfills all obligations related to the provision of storage facilities that would correspond to the type of cargo delivered and the conditions of its storage. Providing cargo transshipment services, Iteris company works with all types of cargo.