International freight forwarding services
International freight forwarding services
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Transportation optimization of empty and loaded containers by land transport is one of the tasks requiring close attention and prompt response of the freight forwarder. By entrusting the work to the managers of our company, you can count on constant control over the movement of your cargo when using road transport.

Each of our customers chooses a car, delivery format and other options. The machine is used either throughout the route or at one of the stages of multimodal transportation of goods.

For the shipping of containers by road transport, special trailers of certain sizes, equipped with fixing fittings, are designed. When choosing a transport for shipping in containers, the technical condition of the container carrier and the driver's qualifications are among the most important parameters.

Planning of the delivery of vehicles for loading is based according to the date of arrival of the vessel and the time after delivery to the port. So we minimize possible downtime and storage costs of cargo at the port of departure.

Another way to reduce the cost of shipping of containers is the use of motor vehicles with empty equipment of the required type ("going-back vehicles"). In the process of fulfillment of the forwarding contract, the presence of a suitable vehicle moving in the same direction is monitored. If we manage to find "going-back trucks", we save time and money on feeding and taking the empty container, since it is already on the truck.

Of course, reliable cargo safety is the indispensable condition for quality forwarding. As a rule, a loaded container is sealed in the presence of a surveyor or our representative. Further the sealed cargo is delivered to the port and to the container terminal by the road transport.