International freight forwarding services
International freight forwarding services
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Project shipping is a system of activities for the preparation and implementation of the delivery of large objects. This may be a factory, a production line, structures and other large loads that are physically impossible to deliver by regular freight transport.

Taking into account the high price and significant dimensions of the cargo, errors in the process of loading and unloading works and transportation are fraught with significant financial losses, including fines for both the carrier and all other participants in this transportation.

That is why the project transportation of cargoes is relied only on companies with sufficient competence, reputation and, most importantly, experience of already carried out transportation of large-sized goods. Primarily the Iteris company specializes in organizing the transportation of such cargoes. All kinds of project cargoes "passed" through our hands, starting from drilling rigs and ending with private yachts and all kinds of large-sized cars such as KrAZ, KamAZ and other vehicles. We are able to provide a full range of services for the delivery of such goods in both export and import directions as soon as possible and with the most flexible conditions for each specific contract.