International freight forwarding services
International freight forwarding services
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Unique development for our customers. You need to indicate type of cargo you are looking for and we will find Ukrainian suppliers for you.
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Employees of our company are persevering people with the necessary knowledge, experience, competencies and expertise used for successful performance of the most diverse tasks and complex projects of our customers.
Who We Are
Iteris company has been established in 2007 by a team with
the long experience in marine transportation. Today we confidently hold one of the leading positions among the freight forwarders of Ukraine. Just within 2 years our company got into the list of top 10 forwarders in Ukraine with the highest level of handled shipments per year and till nowadays we remain one of the main forwarders in Ukraine market providing best services to our clients.
A wide range of services, the scope of our activities and the business footprint involve a variety of projects. And it is always something NEW – new people, new ideas, new tasks.
How we work
In our day-to-day operations we explore new opportunities, offer fresh solutions to our colleagues and partners, and actively improve the processes. All that becomes the source of maximum realization of our professional potential. We are proud of our work. We are creating new opportunities for the successful development of our customers and their business, which benefits society. We strive to be the best in our field. It forces each of us, together and separately, to strive for the best results in all that we do.
National Maritime Rating 2019: "Forwarder of the Year"
We Aim To
interact as closely as possible with our customers in order to understand and timely respond to their changing needs, and offer truly working solutions;
exceed the customer expectations and look for new opportunities, working harder and more vigorously than our competitors;
be transparent and open with our employees, customers and partners.
We work on the principle: BEST service for every client.