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Container shipments

The tendencies of the world trade market development in long-term perspective stipulate constant growth of container trades around the world including export-import and transit transport in Ukraine.

Due to many factors various cargo flows are being partially or entirely switched from traditional conventional & bulk modes of transport to marine containers.

Notwithstanding current issues with global slowing-down of economic growth container trades have great potential and perspectives of further growth thanks to their versatility and the widest coverage.

Trying to follow the prevailing tendencies of the market we provide full scope of container transport related services:

  • " stuffing and unstuffing containers at Odessa, Ilyichevsk, Yuzhny ports, including securing of cargo inside containers;
  • carriage of containers by road and railways throughout Ukraine and CIS countries (positioning of empty containers for stuffing at shipper's warehouses, delivery of import and transit containers to door of the final customer);
  • full range of port forwarding services for containerized merchandise;
  • sea freight, carriage, unloading, and unstuffing of containers at ports of destination, door deliveries to the final customer if required.

We have developed and adopted practical schemes of stuffing containers with steel products, steel pipes of any specification among others, as well as many other varieties of general cargoes, including oversized and heavyweight machinery, various rolling stock using specialized types of container equipment.