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International container shipments
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About us

Iteris Ltd. provides international cargo transport services, offers development and execution of complex transport & logistic solutions.

The main areas of our activities are as follows:

  • port handling and forwarding of export, import, and transit goods in Ukrainian ports of Black & Azov seas;
  • international carriage of goods by sea (both container and break-bulk);
  • road and railway transport;
  • combined (multimodal) cargo shipments
  • project shipments of heavy-lifts, oversized units
  • sea, river and combined towage of floating units

During many years in transport business we have gained great experience and created solutions for transhipment and carriage of various types of general cargo, including steel products, pipe products, rolling stock and vehicles, industrial machinery, bulk cargoes (among them grains and various commodities for metallurgical and chemical industry), project cargo and dangerous goods.


Geographically we are focusing on export shipments from Ukraine to various destinations and on import and transit goods passing through Ukraine.