International freight forwarding services
International freight forwarding services
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The Iteris company provides customs declarant services for "customs clearance of cargoes" in foreign trade. Officially, the "customs clearance" procedure is called custom processing or customs formalities – a set of necessary procedures and actions of individuals or legal entities when moving goods and vehicles across the customs border of Ukraine, depending on the chosen mode.

Operations on customs clearance of cargoes are regulated by the customs code of Ukraine. The difficulties are that everything depends on the type of the mode chosen: import, export, re-export, re-import, temporary import / export, transit. In turn, each of the modes have their own procedures, rules and a list of necessary permits for tariff and non-tariff regulation, and for some types of cargo also have different features and subtleties during clearance. Specialists of our company will help to solve all regular and extraordinary situations related to cargo clearance. The rapid customs clearance saves our customers from additional expenses for storage and maintenance of cargo, from the payment of penalties for failure to deliver and the administrative liability for involuntary violation of the rules for clearance of goods.

We have many years of experience in the provision of customs services, which allows us to carry out customs clearance in a short term, with maximum quality. Choosing cooperation with us, you get a professional approach and fulfillment of all undertaken obligations.